"C’est ça aussi" is a demonstration of bodies intertwining like a collective intelligence. Taking inspiration from various animals, such as shoals of fish that move like a swarm or a cloud, the group’s individuals move to fulfil a specific function within the collective, which can depend on its role and relationship with the environment. A perfect synergy between union and individuality.

Voices arise like a rallying cry; a love of life, like a call to unforeseen possibilities, to new horizons.

Inspired by questions about "peaceful coexistence" and "individual engagement", as well as ideas of community, group, shared energy, we want to awaken our tenacity, courage, and will to play a role in birthing a new way of living.

Drums: Corentin Barro
Dancers: Tristan Bénon, Prunelle Bry, Laura Dicembrino
Circassians: Joachim Ciocca, Dinu Corminboeuf
Musician: Christophe Erard