After several street performances, the Alsand Company, based in Vevey, continues to explore the possibilities offered by public places. This time as a team of four, they are adapting the little know Grimm tale of The White Bride and the Black One, combining stage drama, clown shows, music, and narration (spoken, sung, chanted, and even rapped). Their version of the story deals with a king that falls in love with a picture, with a young woman who refuses to get married, with sorority, rebellion, love, and blood. They reinvent the tropes of traditional tales with an offbeat but honest approach. Driven by the desire to tell a story together, the four performers can easily navigate the sensibility of children, the insolence of rock stars, and the zaniness of clowns.

Artistic direction: Cie Alsand, in close collaboration with Deborah Weber
With: Morgane Mellet, Elise Merrien, Anaïs Tobelem and Damien Vuarraz
Music: Adrien Alix, Leo Morala and Damien Vuarraz
Text: Morgane Mellet and Damien Vuarraz
Costumes: Maxime Decouard
Administration: Bureau Vanessa Lixon
Production: Minuit Pile