In the near future, unemployed lone wolf Sarah is told she has an incurable illness. She only has a few months left. The young woman decides to hire the services of a cloning company, so that she will sort of live on and spare her family the pain of losing her. Soon after however, she learns that her illness faded away. But her clone is already here, and very much intent on replacing her as planned… Centred around an excellent double performance from Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy), Dual is a gleefully satisfying original take on existentialist science fiction, with a hefty dose of black humour thrown in; that is, until the last act turns into an exciting action film! Rarely had genres merged so seamlessly for such a striking result. After writing for several TV series, Riley Stearns directed three films, including The Cub, which was shown at Sundance 2013. He moved on to feature films the following year with the thriller Faults, in which he directed his then-wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead. In 2019, he made the zany martial arts comedy The Art of Self-Defense. Entirely shot in Finland to avoid the US health measures, Dual had its world premiere at the last Sundance festival.

Emma Ruth Rundle
Michael Ragen
Sarah Beth Shapiro
Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, Theo James
Park Circus