Simi is overweight and uncomfortable in her own skin. She decides to spend Easter weekend at her aunt Claudia’s, a famous nutritionist. The teenager hopes to find the inspiration she is missing to get back in shape. But as soon as she gets there, she feels something might be off with her hosts’ behaviour. Her cousin Fillip seems strangely hostile towards her, while her uncle Stefan acts way too flirty with her. And as far as her aunt’s health tips, they become more and more aggressive as time passes… Although it starts as an intimate drama about a teenager’s struggle to deal with the judgement of others, Family Dinner quickly evolves into a gripping, disturbing psychological thriller. The friendly Easter atmosphere is perverted to paint a nightmarish version of family reunions. Maybe you’ll think twice before accepting the next invitation! Austrian writer/director Peter Hengl studied at Vienna’s Filmakademie, where he was a student of Michael Haneke. That is also where he met his wife Lola Basara, who produces his films. During his studies, Peter Hengl directed the short films Vadim and Der Held, which were shown in about fifty festivals and won many awards. Family Dinner is his first feature film. After making a big splash in Tribeca, this gem of an Austrian genre movie comes to the NIFFF!

Lola Basara
Peter Kutin
Gabriel Krajanek
Sebastian Schreiner
Pia Hierzegger, Michael Pink, Nina Katlein