Will was raised by his mentally fragile mother. As a grown-up, he broke off all ties and left these painful memories behind him. He never speaks about it, not even with Luke, his new boyfriend. However, after 10 years of silence, his mother re-emerges to deliver a strange message to him, telling him to be wary of Luke. As his traumas resurface, Will starts his slow descent into hell. Now completely isolated, he falls prey to a hallucinatory crisis. The warped reality and terrifying creatures immerse the audience in the deeper recesses of psychological cinema. Hypochondriac is a solid horror movie with an edge. By focusing on people who suffer from mental illness, the film sheds a necessary light on situations we too often do not understand. Addison Heimann is an American filmmaker based in Los Angeles. This fan of anime, comics, and genre films became frustrated with the lack of queer characters he could potentially identify with. Driven by his goal to make LGBT+ representation evolve in genre films, he directed the Kappa Force web series, as well as the short films Jeff Drives You and Ava in the end. These films were shown in many festivals in the United States. Hypochondriac is his first feature film.

Bay Dariz
Robert Allaire
Dustin Supencheck
Mike Hugo
Zach Villa, Devon Graye, Madeline Zima
Reel Suspects