40-something actor Günter lives a fairly normal life, splitting his time between his daughter, the new play he’s working on, and his director’s wife, with whom he is having an affair. But this well-oiled machine is going to slowly go wrong after a mysterious encounter, leading to more and more improbable events. Normality? More like wishful thinking! Granted, the synopsis fort NR. 10 is sort of run-of-the-mill, but take our word for it and go see it without knowing more. You’re in for the most offbeat and bawdy experience of the festival. Through mischief and deceit, Alex van Warmerdam toys with our expectations by making his seemingly familiar narrative implode on itself to explore the final frontiers of our disbelief. With, on top of that, a healthy dose of dry black humour you will not forget anytime soon. Actor, writer, director Alex van Warmerdam, born in 1952, has an impressive career in the film and the theatre industry. His first movie, Voyeur (1986), was a cringe comedy with touches of the absurd, and worked as a perfect calling card for his brand of filmmaking. The Dress (1996) screened in Venice, where it won the FIPRESCI award. Global recognition continued, especially with the disturbing Borgman (2013) which screened at Cannes, and the enjoyable Schneider vs. Bax, which was part of the NIFFF 2016.

Marc van Warmerdam
Alex van Warmerdam
Tom Erisman
Job ter Burg
Tom Dewispelaere, Hans Kesting, Anniek Pheifer
Nine Film