Avant 3 nuits

Minna Prader

Cultish Home Movie

FR, CH, 2022, 21', 16a


Marco Jörger, Konstantin Rosshoff, Tokay Yotimo

Surreal Self-Discovery

CH, 2022, 5', 16a

Lion's Cage

Linus vom Stumberg

Hitman Gone Wrong

CH, 2022, 14', 16a


Eleonora Berra

Fable of Clay & Rock

CH, 2022, 7', 16a

Les Héritières

Avril Lehmann

Sisterly Dispute

CH, 2022, 14', 16a

Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse

Kilian Vilim

Totalitarian Motion Sickness

CH, 2021, 7', 16a